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Curriculum Vitae:

Graduated from the University of Vigo in Translation and Interpreting.
Professional experience.
Domain translation-related programs.

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Fluency in Spanish and Galician as native languages.
Fluency in English as foreign language.
Fluency in German as foreign language.

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  Textual Tipology:

Specialized in texts that include medical, psicology and biology terminology

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For regular orders delivery time will be three to four days for typical extension texts, from a few line to a text of 5000 words, with a maximum of 15 pages.

For urgent orders delivery time will be 24 hours, but depending on the complexity and lengths os texts.

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The prices of the translations will be:
0.065 each word in Galician
0.075 each word in English
0.085 each word in German

The price also depends on the type of delivery, as well as itīs urgency, an urgent order will increse the 30% of the price. And also, the price will increse in 15% in the weekends and in festive days.

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Online tools

Google. Itīs a web searcher.

Wordreference. Itīs a very agile website which offers dictionaries in different languages.

IATE. Itīs one of the most used glossaries.

Linguee.Itīs multilingual translationīs searcher from reliable sources.

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